Lies Of Obesity

Dec 7, 2014 | Body | 0 comments

How many lies have you bought about your body? Does that create a sense of peace or constant conflict, wrongness, and judgment? What if you could have a sense of peace with your body, instead of fighting with it constantly? What would that change? What if you could function differently with your body?

You’ve been taught that you have to consume or you won’t have. Is that part of why you eat? Do you eat to fill up space? Do you ever notice that you eat when you are not creating your life? What would you be doing if you were actually creating your life?

How many judgments do you have about your body? How many decisions have you made about what you can or cannot change? If you live in the judgment that you are obese, or that you’re fat, or you’re overweight, or you’re not skinny enough, those judgments keep that in existence and do not allow it to change.

You have to have consciousness with your body or it doesn’t change. Otherwise you will physically buy into the limitations that other people are saying is reality. How much of what is going on with your body is based on other people’s limitations that you have bought as real?

Have you been ordering your body around, abusing it, getting frustrated with it, over-feeding it, starving it, or demanding that it change, and then judging it when it doesn’t change? Commanding your body to overcome the limitations is not the way to do it. What if you would ask your body: “What can we create different here, body, that will make this happen with ease?”

What if you could choose to change your body? What if change could be easier than you ever thought possible? When you’re willing to change your fixed points of view, your body can change.

Your body will take care of you if you listen to it. Your body actually wants to take care of you. What if there was a totally different possibility with your body that you have not chosen?

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