One of the Lies About Money

Dec 21, 2014 | Money | 0 comments

Most of you have spent your lives spending money, trying to get money, trying to find money, trying to figure out what to do or what’s wrong with you if you don’t have money, but none of that has to do with what money is really about.

One of the greatest lies about money is that without it, you can’t have anything. One of the other greatest lies is that with it, you can have everything. How do you get to the point where you see the lies of money, instead of the choice for money, so that you can choose it, or choose not to have it, but still get everything you want?

Do you feel that the only way you can have anything is to buy it?  Buying is not having.  Having is the ability to buy it or not, at will, and knowing that that energy will come to your life one way or another.

How much money are you willing to have? I am willing to have whatever the amount of the money is that it takes to generate as much consciousness on the planet that the world can have.  Money is not anti-conscious; money is not anti-spiritual; money is not anti-anything.  Money is an acknowledgment of how you are willing to generate your life in this reality.  Money is a reflection of your choices.

You have to choose first, and then ask for the money to show up.  It can’t show up until you choose.  When I couldn’t possibly imagine creating the kind of money I needed to do something, I asked: “Does that feel light to do that?  Is that rewarding?”  Then the money showed up, every time.  When you are not willing to buy anyone else’s limitations around it, the universe will facilitate you.  The universe doesn’t desire that you lack of anything.  Will you get over your desire to have lack of anything?

That doesn’t mean you spend all your money buying everything you desire.  Buying something is not choosing.  That’s shopping. What if, instead of just spending money, you looked at what possibilities you could create with money?

Most people are looking to have money, but they are in a constant state of conflict with it.  You need to be at peace with money – whatever you have or don’t have. What if money was like air? What if you could just breathe it in and breathe it out? When you have peace with money, you will allow it to flow like air in your life.

We can all create money if we choose it. What world changing choice could you make that you’ve been refusing to make, that if you allowed yourself to make it, would create the money and the choice that you desire and deserve?