How Do You See Money as the Creation of Possibilities?

May 10, 2015 | Business

There are a lot of points of view that to be benevolent, kind, or a contribution to the planet, you can’t love money. In truth, you cannot be benevolent if you don’t love money. If you make money wrong, you will not see how you can create change in the world with the money. You will not be able to receive money in your life, or change other’s lives with it.

What if you would look at what possibilities could be created for your future with money? You can start to create more with even a small amount of money, or no money!

Creating with Pennies and Dollars

Years ago I didn’t have any money. If I had $50 at the end of the week I was doing really well. Then I read a book called The Penny Capitalist by James J. Hester. It changed my life. Basically, the book teaches you about spending your money on things that will be worth more in the future. I started going to garage sales, car-boot sales and estate sales and finding things that were worth more than what I paid for them. I started to build this “portfolio” of little things that were worth something, that I had paid pennies, cents or dollars for that I was later able to sell for more than 5 times what I had paid for them.

Start educating yourself about what things are worth and be willing to not just spend your money, but to spend it on things that will increase in value in the future.

Creating with Contribution

If you are looking to how much money you are going to get, how much judgment do you have to do to determine how much? A benevolent capitalist always knows that money is going to come, and they never know where it’s going to come from.

When you as an individual were to function within a benevolent capitalistic system, everybody is contributing what they can to help. You want to make money, you want people around you to make money, and you don’t have a point of that you want to make all the money. When you function this way, people will contribute to you and your life in ways you can’t imagine.

For me personally, I look at how my choices can contribute to other people, and who the people are who can receive the contribution. I am willing to contribute without expecting or projecting that I must get money out of it. Contribution is an amazing non-linear kind of currency that is one of the greatest gifts we can be and receive in life.

Creating with Joy

When you are joyful, it’s a contribution to you. People who do business from a sense of joy and possibility create so much more than those who do it from force, control and stress.

Basically, joy can change our bank account.

How much joy can you create? What can you do to be joyful today that can create more money, change and possibility in your life right away?