Four Elements of Generating Wealth

Sep 12, 2016 | Money

Growing up, my mom used to say, “You have champagne taste and a beer budget. So then I went, ok, I’m going to have a champagne budget and I’ll drink good beer.

As kids, a lot of us had the sense that everything should be available to us. When our parents gave us something, we still wanted more. Many of our parents said things like, ‘Why can’t you just be grateful for what I gave you?!” Our reply, “Because there’s more! Why aren’t you giving me everything?”

How many lies have you bought, under the guise that you can’t have everything? What if you could? What would happen if you allowed yourself to have it all? What if, rather than going into the judgment of it and wondering what you were doing wrong, you’d stop and say, “Oh! There’s a possibility here that I’m aware of. What’s it going to take to create it?”

Wealth and abundance are possible. More is possible. Are you willing to have it? What would it take for you to choose it?

4 Elements of Generating Wealth

1. Be Willing to HAVE Money

Are you willing to have money? Or just to spend money? If you are only willing to spend money, you have to spend everything you get. Rich people HAVE money and when you have money, you can CHOOSE where and when you’d like to spend it.

Here’s something you can try. Go to most expensive store in town. Ask, if money wasn’t an issue and I could have anything in this store, what would I choose here? 90% of what we think we want are the things we can’t afford. We’ve been taught that the things that are valuable are the things that cost the most and the things that we want are the things we can’t afford.

Can you afford to breathe air? No. You just choose to breathe it. What if you started looking at money like you look at air? If money was like breathing in and breathing out, would you allow yourself to have it?

2. Have Gratitude and Ask for More

You can have gratitude for everything that you have today and still ask for more. I have gratitude for all that I have AND I never stop asking, “What is possible beyond this?”

I have the unusual view that if I ask for more, more can show up. If I limit my asking, I will always be chasing a limited life. So I always ask for more.
I don’t consider myself a failure and I don’t get bent out of shape when my perfect life doesn’t show up. I am grateful for everything I’ve received and I keep asking for more. Gratitude invites more into my life in unexpected ways.

3. Recognize that the Purpose of Money is to Create More

Today’s choice creates tomorrow’s future. What you choose today determines the future you will have tomorrow.

Stop looking at how much money you’re going to get from working a job or teaching a class because that’s taking care of today’s “problem.” Look at everything you do from, “What future will this create?” “What future will I create with this choice?”

You have capacities that other people do not have. As you using them to create money? Or are you judging yourself about what you don’t create?

4. Add to your Life

We’ve been told that living life is all about having the house, the car, the wife or husband, the kids. Those are not about living your life. Those are the things that occur because you ARE living your life. Those are the things you can add to your life.

You want to ask every day, “What can I add to my life that will create more money right away?” Don’t take the point of view, I’m working 40 hours a week, I can’t do any more.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you want something done, give it to a busy man?” Give it to somebody busy, it always gets done. Why? Because busy people can get so much more done because they don’t see anything as a limitation. They see everything as a possibility. What is actually possible here if I choose different?

You can create wealth. You can live in abundance. Your choice creates. Will you choose it? Will you have it? Will you BE it?!