Facilitating Change

Apr 21, 2016 | Change

When you are facilitating someone through Access Consciousness processing, the client is the source of change or no change.

The question is the catalyst. You are the possibility, which is why the client came to you.  Your clients are looking for something that they have found impossible. You have shown them that there is possibility. You exude the element called possibility.

This is ultimately catalyst and contribution. If you see yourself as the source, then you always have to be wrong when you don’t succeed in giving them the change you have decided they should have. I never decide what someone should have. I just ask, ‘What can I do for you today?” Sometimes you can’t change things you think are important to change. Sometimes you have to wait until there is a moment that is appropriate for the person to choose to change.

“What is this?” is the source.

“What can I do with it?” is the possibility.

“Can I change it?” is the question.

“If so, how do I change it?” is the catalyst. The catalyst is always a contribution that the quantum entanglements support.

The more you choose consciousness, the more you will permeate people’s reality and the less they will be willing to hold onto their limitations.  Consciousness supports those who choose consciousness, and when you are willing to be the permeable laws of consciousness, it actualizes a different reality. You become a catalyst for change by being you, you change everybody around you.


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