Do You Disdain Money?

Oct 9, 2015 | Money

There is nothing wrong with desiring to create a thriving business and to make plenty of money. If you disdain money you will never make it. What have you made so vital about disdaining money that you will never make it?   It doesn’t matter when you decided you didn’t like money. What matters is that you acknowledge your points of view about money so you can change them!

“Money is not anti-conscious, money is not anti-anything! Money is an acknowledgement of how you are willing to generate your life in this reality. Money is a reflection of your choices.” (Benevolent Leadership book)

Do you know who is pictured on your dollar notes? Why did they use those people? If you don’t like money, you won’t bother to notice. This is disdaining money. How much of your life have you spent trying not to know about money? You create money by knowing about it.

Learn about money markets. Learn about exchange rates. Learn about what is valuable to others. You can work to not know about money, or you can work to know everything about money!

Disdaining money is where you go ‘I don’t have any need of money. I don’t need to know about money at all. I’ll have it, it will show up for me. I’m so grateful. I’m so wonderful. I’m so fabulous. Money will show up in my life.’ It’s having money fantasies, rather than being money.

Disdaining money is refusing to be that which would create money. What are you refusing to be, that if you would be it, would change your financial reality in totality? Having a lack of money is not about what you do. It’s about what you refuse to be. What can you be today to create more money right away?

If you grew up being told ‘it’s rude to talk about money’ you’ve learned to disdain money. If you grew up thinking that someone else should look after you financially, or that ‘only men should make money’ you’ve learned to disdain money.

If you do disdain of money you won’t let yourself know about money, which means you limit your creative capacity with money. What have you made so vital about disdaining money that you will never make it?

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