Creating Business Differently

Jan 12, 2016 | Business

The Benevolent Leader’s Guide To Creating Business Differently

A benevolent leader will always desire to create a successful business for the good of all, not just the shareholders. If you know there must be a different way to create business, and you are seeking new possibilities, these strategies are the start of what is possible when you are willing to move beyond the boundaries and limitations of ‘normal’ business practice.

Are you willing to be as different as you are in business? What if this is the ‘competitive advantage’ you are seeking?

1. Stop maintaining the past and start creating the future.

Create your business from questions and possibilities, rather than the confines of a vision and mission. Many businesses diminish their success over time because they limit their choices to only that which fits with their goals, vision and mission. What else would be possible if you would expand your menu of choices to include everything which will create a sustainable future for the business and its stakeholders?

2. Be willing to change anything!

How many sacred cows is your business feeding? If you stopped feeding them and started asking questions about what else is possible, would you create a greater future? Unquestioned rules are the foundation of atrophy. Does your culture lean toward continual change or is it taking the slow train toward a dead end created by an unwillingness to change? What if nothing was set in stone… what could you choose that you have never chosen before?

3. Use choice to create greater possibilities.

Normal business practice is to gather information so you can make a choice. This approach is mostly based on not losing and minimising risk. What if it is your choice to expand your possibilities that creates the future you desire?

Ask: “What would I choose if I couldn’t lose? What choices can I make that go beyond getting it right and minimising risk? What choices do I have beyond the obvious?”

4. Stop the busy and do what you love.

When you are too busy to do what you love, everything contracts. Don’t ever allow your work to be too busy to do what gives you joy. Your life is not just work. Allow space to do what generates your life and expands your awareness of possibilities. When you return to work your  ideas often flow ‘from nowhere’ because you have opened the doors to receiving everything, rather than focusing on the task at hand.

5. Embrace Chaos Instead of Logic

Business is presented as a linear, logical activity that is totally controllable. The reality is totally different, but we love to pretend that it’s not. Business has become just like the emperor’s new clothes.

When you embrace the chaos and allow yourself to function from your knowing, all possibilities become available. Has there been just one moment this week where you had a conflict between logic and what you knew was really going on? If you begin to choose towards what you know, you will create greater and more sustainable possibilities for the future.

Every choice is good for ten seconds. Instead of getting it ‘right’ build the muscle of being willing to choose again as everything around you shifts and changes.

What’s Next?

When you stop doing ‘business as normal’ your business will create and generate energies that support growth, success and the joy of creating a sustainable and ever-expanding future. Are you willing to choose that over being followed, being liked or being popular? A true leader knows where they are going and goes where they are going, whether anyone follows or not. If you truly desire business to be different, the movement starts with you!

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