Creating a Sustainable Future

May 7, 2015 | Business

Have you noticed that if we leave the planet alone, it grows? Look at a vacant lot and how quickly, within mere weeks, it is all filled and there’s something growing in every crack. Nature doesn’t believe in having nothing there, it believes in having everything possible there. If we look at how things would grow if we didn’t interfere, then we can have an idea of what sustainability really is.

Most people think sustainability means it doesn’t get any worse, but to create a truly sustainable future and planet, we have to contribute to things growing on their own.

We contribute to things growing on their own when we are willing to create greater possibilities.

Creating Possibilities with Business and Money

I would like to see more people realising that business exists to create possibilities, and not solely for the bottom line. I personally don’t believe in diminishing costs to increase revenue, I always look at how I can increase my revenue to cover these costs and more. I believe in using my money to create a greater possibility.

I ask “If I used my business to create a greater possibility, what would occur? If I used my money to create a greater possibility, what would I choose?” I have gone from zero money to over $10 million a year in business.

If you are looking more for the possibility, you will look for the inspired point of view that inspires others to achieve more, rather than the perspiration that diminishes what can show up.

Creating Possibilities with Kindness and Contribution

True kindness is not what most people think. It isn’t necessarily charity, ‘giving back’, or philanthropy, or giving someone the easiest path.

I have this young kid who works at my antique shop who is a very talented filmmaker, but he wasn’t driven to go out and find filming work. I made up some story about needing to cut back his hours so he would have to go out and start doing what he is really good at. I suggested he find work in commercials, because he has a great talent for that style and there’s a lot of money in it. Does it create a problem in my business? Yes, in that I will have to employ another person, but is that what’s really most relevant for the planet? If this kid goes out and creates more in the world is that not creating a different future?

True kindness is being will to see what someone is capable of and recognise whether you are a contribution to them getting there or a detriment to getting them there.

If they need some things I can’t provide, I look at what I can be and do that will allow them to step into that and allow them to create a different possibility.

If you are willing to contribute to people, they will grow. If you are willing to use your money to create more possibilities, more money will show up. What choices can you make today that will create a different possibility and a sustainable planet for our future?