The Obesity Clinic Series

Would you like to be happy with your body, whether you get skinnier or not? The truth of obesity is that it’s really about a judgment. It’s not about reality. It’s a judgment. It’s a judgment that was created by others based on what they decided was actually obesity that actually has nothing to do with what’s true for your body.

Duration: 12 calls

Prerequisites: The Foundation



PART 3: July 7,8,9 2 pm Pacific

PART 4: July 21,22,23 2 pm Pacific

Facilitating a Facilitator To Know How to Create A Facilitating Facilitation

A series with Gary Douglas.

What’s the person really asking for?


Duration: 2 calls




The Creative Edge is an advanced level group facilitation that covers every aspect of your life. If you are on the creative edge, you’re always in the question of what’s next, what else is possible, and how does it get any better than this? On the creative edge, you and your contribution are what creates the change.

Your Creative Edge Membership contains:

  • Welcome email sent to you within 24-hours that contains informative downloads on how the clearings workand tons of goodies to get you started!
  • Exclusive videos, the latest Access clearings on the theme of the month
  • A monthly, one-hour call with some combination of Gary Douglas, Dr. Dain Heer, Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt .

The Creative Edge is a recurring monthly membership. The exact content delivered is unpredictable in nature and changes all the time. This advanced level group facilitation has NO PRE-REQUISITES.

Thank you so much!  I love those gifted surprises and surprising gifts the whole month.  New, unexpected and more topics. This time new and more facilitators.  How did the world get so lucky? Creative Edge of Consciousness in its magic and unpredictability.  So grateful for all the possibilities. And for my choice to be part of this!


I am a Certified Facilitator and I LOVE being on the Creative Edge of Consciousness.  It’s definitely grown my business.  I learn the newest tools, have aha’s every week/month and I get the chance to ask Gary questions on anything every month.  I also LOVE getting the videos and newest processes in my inbox.  It keeps me current and continues to push me to my edge.  If you are a BF or a CF, for what reason would you not choose this?

Katherine McIntosh