Gary’s Schedule

I would like people be more aware and more conscious and to realize we need to be stewards of the earth not users and abusers of the earth. If we start to see the possibilities of what we have available to us, instead of trying to create our piece of the pie, we could create a different world.

– Gary Douglas

Gary Douglas facilitates the advanced Access Consciousness classes that include Out of the Box, Choice of Possibilities, the Advanced Access Body Class and Access 6 Day Events – plus many other special classes.

In these classes Gary Douglas uses the tools from Access Consciousness® to contribute to the awareness, choices and level of ease and joy in the lives of the people who attend.

Participants are able to open up to levels of awareness often beyond that which they thought possible, and it is Gary’s caring and pragmatic nature that allows people to realize that they truly do have choice in every area of life.

The change that people get from these classes is fast, long-lasting and unlike anything else that is currently available on the planet.

I’m finally starting to be everything I’ve always known I could be, and the funny thing is that after this class it is far easier than I ever could have imagined.

– DD, Australia

Gary Douglas’ target is to create a more conscious world, one where everything is included and nothing is judged.

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