Advanced Body Class


Gary Douglas

Mumbai, India
August 17-19

Kalpana Raghuraman and Gary Douglas

Are You Ready to Have Ease With Your Body?

How much do you judge your body? What if you could see the value of your body instead of the wrongness of it? What would change for you and your body if this was your reality?

The Advanced Body Class is all about choosing to create with our bodies in a different way so we have total health, total ease and the joy of our bodies.

In this hands-on class, you will discover a unique set of new body processes that have been created to give your body the possibility of going beyond the limitations of this reality.

What if food, supplements and exercise have almost nothing to do with how your body truly functions? What if you could have ease, joy and communion with your body far beyond what is considered possible right now?

Would you be willing to explore the possibilities?

This has been one of the most amazing classes I have ever taken. The space and awareness that I have experienced is beyond anything that I have ever had in my entire life!! Gary is amazing and his ability to allow us to choose how much more of living we wish to receive is awesome! What else is possible?
Carolyn J. Randolph, LMT, BF

When I start attending Access Classes I was hesitating to go to an advanced body class it didn’t make any since to me: I didn’t have anything “wrong” with my body. But I chose to go to try one of those classes. After the first day of class my body started to “feel” way better, lighter, and I was happier to be alive. During the class many of the things that Gary had been talking about in other classes just ‘clicked’. Who could even imagine that this class would contribute to get more clarity with the other classes that Gary facilitated?! When I got home I got aware of what my body was telling me with ease, and since then I have the best friend ever (my body) and I’m not living with the “enemy” any more. Every time I attend one of these classes my life gets better in every aspect. Who knew that your body could be the most amazing contribution if you let it?!!
Dr. Claudia Cano, C.F.M.W.