Aug 24, 2015 | Choice

If you truly could choose anything what would you choose?  Would you choose to be right? Would you choose to be wrong? Would you choose to have needs or problems? Or would you choose to have total choice and infinite possibilities?

The greatest freedom you have available in life is the ability to choose.  Choice creates.  When you make a choice, you receive the gift of awareness.  With awareness, you perceive and receive more possibilities and choices that are available to you, and you get to choose more of what you would like to create as your life.

When you choose for the joy of creating more awareness and more possibility, that is true choice.  With true choice, there is no judgment.  True choice is not motivated by need, or from right or wrong –  you choose just because you can.

Anytime you have a great reason and justification for the choice you make, that is not actually a choice – that’s a decision, a conclusion and a judgment!

Every judgment you make requires you to give up the freedom of infinite choice in favour of getting caught up in determining what is a right, good and winning choice, and how to avoid a wrong, bad or losing choice.  That is how you create your current limited choice, or no-choice reality.

Say you decide you must avoid losing at all costs. From there, any choice that you judge might include the possibility of losing becomes unavailable to you, even if that choice would create a greater possibility in your life.  Judgment eliminates awareness, and kills choices and possibilities.

I am willing to be wrong, and I am willing to lose.  Because I allow myself the choice to lose, I can chose to lose, I can chose to win, or I can choose something else entirely. When you don’t resist any choice, all choices become available.

Need is another judgment that people use to avoid choice.  Do you believe money is a choice, or that you need it? Money is actually just a choice. What is the difference between you and a homeless person on the street?  The choices you make. When you are willing to have money as a choice and not a necessity, it becomes more available to you too.

Every choice you make creates what shows up in your life.  Your choice to judge determines the limitations of what you can create.

The first step to having true choice is to ask yourself “What is actually more valuable to me? The freedom to choose, or the rightness of my point of view?”

Most people would rather be right than free.  I would rather be free to choose.  Neither choice is right or wrong – they are just different realities.  And if you want a different reality, all you have to do is choose.

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