Changing The Collision Course With Death

Apr 30, 2015 | Environment

Traveling internationally as much as I do, I see scientists around the world talking about what’s going on with our earth from a different perspective than what the media presents in the USA.

In Australia, scientists are saying that by 2043, all fish will be farmed, and there will be no more wild fish in the ocean. In Sweden they are saying that 90% of the population of the North Sea has disappeared in the last 100 years. The amount of fish in the North Sea is down to 4% of what it was 100 years ago. In Australia, there have been more shark attacks in the last 5 years than there were in the last 25 years. The number of volcano eruptions in the last 200 years has been greater than in the last 4,000 years. You start to see that there are more natural disasters occurring. You start to see the information about the melting of the poles, the starving of the polar bears, the number of species that are going to die because of the change in the ecological balance and the energy of the world.

There are not enough of us who recognize that there has got to be a major change on planet earth. At the rate we are going, unless we change something dynamically, the earth is on a collision course with death.

I don’t know what that change is going to look like. Maybe it means that there are so many natural disasters on planet earth that the people wake up and realize that they have to do something different, and that their economic reality is not the source of everything. Things have to change within the next ten years, or we are on a collision course with the planet dying. That is not acceptable to me.

What if you were willing to contribute to the natural disasters that have to occur on planet earth? Have you considered that they may have to occur in order to create change? If enough natural disasters occur, people will start to look from a different place. You have to be willing to be not only everything that is acceptable to others, but everything that is unacceptable to others. Those of you who have children have to step into everything you are; otherwise your children will have nothing to inherit.

Some time ago, Newsweek had an article called “100 Places To See Before They Disappear.” If global warming continues, in 100 years there will not be any forests left in Sweden. If we continue the way we are going, within 50 years, certain wine regions will no longer have wine. Because of the pollution we are creating in the ocean, there will be no more pearls. Venice could be the new underwater city soon. What if you have to go there with scuba gear? Certain ecologically sensitive places are being destroyed rather dynamically and quickly, so they recommend you go see these places before they are gone. When you see these things, you begin to realize that we are on a collision course with disaster.

What has to change here on planet earth? What are you willing to change here on planet earth? Recycling is great. But it’s not enough. Being aware is great. But it’s not enough. Changing realities…is that a possibility? If you did that, would that be enough?

There was a National Geographic article about Yellowstone National Park. The last time it went off was 640,000 years ago. The last time before that, it went off 640,000 years ago. It’s essentially a super-volcano. It could go off again. If that occurs, we may have a nuclear winter. It could drop the temperature of the Earth as much as 15 degrees, almost instantaneously. Instead of getting depressed about all this, you could realize that this is good information, and have a willingness to be aware. ? If you are willing to be more aware, you will survive.

Old faithful is not faithful anymore. They don’t know what’s happening. Every once in a while you hear about a buffalo herd that lies down and dies because more acid is released into the air and as such they just die. These things are occurring; yet nobody talks about that. In the United States they definitely don’t talk about it.

There has been less climatic change in the last 2,000 years than any other time in history. Who has been in charge? Mankind. To say that we don’t have an effect is a lie. Obviously man’s point of view is that they want things to stay the same. But the reality is, change is what’s really normal. So what’s really normal that we’re avoiding by not allowing the planet to change? We have kept it captive for 2,000 years. It’s going to have to catch up to what would have been normal climatic change.

We can’t control the Earth totally, but we can have an effect on it. Science tells us if we look at a molecule, we change its shape and its structure – just by looking at it. So wherever we have focused our attention or put our attention or decided something needed to be a certain way, we have created an effect. Not necessarily a good one.

We’ve been drilling under the ocean, taking the oil out and then filling it in with salt water. What dissipates heat faster – oil or water? Water. So the dissipation through the water is much more rapid, which means we have increased the temperature of the oceans. That may explain why there’s more global warming under the ice caps than there is above the ice caps.

How many atomic bombs have we set off underground? Would that have any effect in creating cracks and fissures in the surface of the earth? Yet we wonder why, when Pakistan set off a whole series of bombs underground, they had the worst earthquake ever in their history, and then they had massive floods. The natural cycle of things is being disrupted.

Could the earth be reacting? We act as though the earth has no consciousness and has no point of view, which is insane. Instead of becoming stewards of the earth, we use it, abuse it and take what we want from it. What if we treated it differently? What if we were more willing to have a balance of living?

The insects and the animals can show us so much, but we need to have that communion with earth so we know where to go, where not to be, when to go, and when not to go. The main thing is not to panic, but to be aware. If you’re aware, you’ll be out of town the day that something happens.  At the rate things are going, we have to change things here dynamically or the earth’s survival could be in jeopardy.

It’s not about recycling to make a change. That’s a great idea, it should be done, and it’s not enough. It’s too late. We can’t stop the drilling in the oil fields. We can’t stop the oil spills that occur. We can’t stop the people who are trying to make an extra buck, who run an oil ship aground on the Great Barrier Reef – the eighth wonder of the world – and kill it. For a buck, we’ll kill anything.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico spill was publicized because it was so close to the USA. Apparently off the coast of Nigeria, they have oil spills of similar magnitude every year. This pollution affects the balance of living. Earth is a living organism. It’s continually shifting and changing. Change is not bad, but unconsciousness creates a change in a direction that’s towards death, not towards living. We need to be more aware. If we have awareness, we can change things. If we have no awareness, we can’t change things.

The ultimate toxic waste on the planet is the anger, rage, fury, and hate that people deliver on a daily basis. Have any of you ever questioned why the Middle East is barren? How long have they been fighting everything and everyone? Thousands of years. This is an area where people do massive amounts of anger, rage, fury, and hate, and think that it is the source of the power and the potency and the possibilities of life.

You really want to change the earth? Be happy. Your happiness is what will help the earth flourish. You really want to change the earth? Be happy. Your happiness is what will help the earth flourish. It requires only one thing – choice. Choice for happiness. What if you were happy when nobody else was? You, as the force of happiness can override 100 people of unhappiness.

Studies have been done to show that if you flow hate at a plant, it withers and dies. Don’t you think the earth feels all that? But people run around all day long, being angry, rage-filled, furious, and using their anger as a weapon all the time. For me, that is the ultimate toxic waste.

If you are in allowance, you can see what people are doing, but you don’t give it any alignment and agreement (which makes it more) or resistance and reaction (which doubles what it is). If you have no resistance and reaction, and no alignment and agreement, it’s very hard for anybody to maintain their anger, rage, fury, and hate. So allowance is key. If you really want to save the planet, you may want to practice that and encourage others to practice it as well.           

Your anger and your judgment kill the planet. Your joy, your laughter, your choices for living your life as a celebration – they generate the planet. That’s a totally different concept of what real pollution is.