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Keys to Creating a Future

What is the valuable product in your life? What do you value more? The past, the present or the future? Most people value the past and what they can have now more than what can be created for the future. But if you don’t value the future, you will never create the future you desire. Here are four keys to…

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X Men – Being the Future

As an X-men, you most likely have a capacity as a visual thinker. This reality teaches you that to create you must have the vision of how something should be, put it out in front of you, and DO everything you can to get there. You may have noticed, this doesn’t actually work for you. You are different. You are…

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Predictable or Possible

Most of us have been taught to create a life that is predictable. Stable, secure, predictable results, we are told, are valuable. The problem with predictability is that it limits you from what is possible. It keeps you locked into everything always remaining the same. It prevents anything new from ever showing up. If you really want to create something…

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Having Peace With Money

Are you sick and tired of the roller-coaster of having money and then the stomach-churning stress of no money? What if you could have peace with money instead?   Benevolent capitalism is about having a pragmatic approach to money and that begins with figuring out what your life actually costs.   It costs to run your business; it costs to…

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Benevolent Capitalism – Opening Doors to Greater Possibilities for All

Benevolent capitalism is the place where you look to see how everything can be greater. Possibility is what we as infinite beings have; total possibility. If we function from infinite possibility and look at what is actually possible, we can open the door to greater possibilities… ALWAYS. A point of view never creates. A question always does. Question anything and…

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What if Money Was About the Possibility and Not the Problem?

Most of us tend to look for the problem rather than the possibility, whether it’s about money or anything else. We have a tendency to think, “I’ve got to handle this problem.” But what if everything was about the possibility and nothing was about the problem? With money, everything has to be about possibility, never about problem, because when you…

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Here you are, standing in the rain. It’s warm, wet and your clothes are soaked. Your feet squelch and you dance for joy. There is no sense of separation. You are oneness with one drop of rain and all drops of rain simultaneously. The gift of life radiates through every pore and molecule of your body and being. Now, turn…

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Out of the Box and Into Awareness, Choice and Limitless Possibilities

We have a choice in life of living by other people’s reality or figuring out our own. This reality tries to shove you in a box. The box of normalcy. The box of consistency. The box of sameness. The box of trying to be like everybody else. This box is the prison of polarity that keeps you from living the…

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Dealing with Difficult People

Difficult actually means “hard to please”. When you are dealing with someone who is difficult, they tend to be functioning from a fixed point of view and having all the right answers.   When you are dealing with someone like this you don’t want to fight them because they will defend their point of view and fight even harder. What…

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What Do Your Kids Know About Money?

Was money a forbidden subject when you were growing up? Did you have lots and lots of ideas for new businesses and great ways to make money that you were told you were wrong for having? Or perhaps you were ignored when you talked about them. Or told it was impossible and that one day you’d understand the real world….

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Empowering You to See Different Possibilities

The willingness to be different will always keep the door open for a greater possibility and success. I was recently interviewed by Ben Fewtrell and we talked about everything from business and success to questioning and creation. Here are 3 questions to ask every day. Ask yourself: what choice did I have today that I didn’t have yesterday? Ask yourself:…

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How to Ask For What You Truly Want

Do you speak in an indirect manner when talking to your boyfriend or spouse? Are the conversations you’re having always ending up in an unresolved argument that never seems to move forward? Are you scared of being direct with your feelings? To create more ease when dating or in a relationship, you need to get clear on what you are…

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3 Key Strategies to Grow Your Business With Ease

Every business owner asks for growth, but when it comes, few are prepared to receive it. The greatest gift you can give yourself, as a business owner is being willing to be aware of the future. Not by getting endless psychic readings, but by communicating closely with your business and being acutely aware of what it will require next. You…

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Are You Being Bullied?

Insults and bullying are only effective when the bully offers you a judgment of you, and you start judging yourself in the same way. Aggressive, abusive, threatening and insulting. Donald Trump’s recent conduct may be exceptional in a couple of ways; it is widely publicized and it is played out in the usually-restrained theatre of American politics. But research shows…

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The Joy of Taxes

If you’re wondering what joy and taxes are doing in the same sentence, read on! The word “taxes” rarely evokes a sense of joy. It’s typically more like a sense of dread. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if there was a way to have ease and joy with taxes and even gratitude for all…

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Come Off of Wait into Create

When you are on wait instead of create, you start dying. When you come off of wait and start to create, you won’t asphyxiate. How much energy are you using NOT to have an awareness of everything you are capable of creating?  A lot, a little, or megatons? Are you stopping the creation of your life by trying to order…

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Four Elements of Generating Wealth

Growing up, my mom used to say, “You have champagne taste and a beer budget. So then I went, ok, I’m going to have a champagne budget and I’ll drink good beer. As kids, a lot of us had the sense that everything should be available to us. When our parents gave us something, we still wanted more. Many of…

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Facilitating Change

When you are facilitating someone through Access Consciousness processing, the client is the source of change or no change. The question is the catalyst. You are the possibility, which is why the client came to you.  Your clients are looking for something that they have found impossible. You have shown them that there is possibility. You exude the element called…

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What’s Love Got To Do With …

What’s Love Got to Do With Relationships? What has love got to do with anything? In a word? Nothing! Many of you will crucify me for saying that, when, in reality, you choosing the distraction of love is what is crucifying you. Love has at least four trillion meanings, none of which create the gratitude that choosing your partner anew…

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Creating Business Differently

The Benevolent Leader’s Guide To Creating Business Differently A benevolent leader will always desire to create a successful business for the good of all, not just the shareholders. If you know there must be a different way to create business, and you are seeking new possibilities, these strategies are the start of what is possible when you are willing to…

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Does Benevolent Capitalism Work?

Every kind of ‘ism’ like socialism, capitalism was designed to make the world better. What is different about Benevolent Capitalism? It is designed to create a greater future for the good of all. Does it work? Yes… if you will give up control and allow people to choose the contribution they can and will be. So what does that look…

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You… The Earth… & The Whispers of Consciousness

Is there something in your life you would love to change, and yet, it always seems unchangeable? The earth functions from consciousness. When you get more conscious, you will hear the whispers of consciousness that the earth is trying to deliver to you. Those are the whispers that can change the unchangeable in your world. When you become more conscious,…

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The Joy of Change & Creating A Phenomenal Life

Creating a phenomenal life cannot come from maintaining the status quo or making the tiniest change possible as a pretence that you are actually changing. A phenomenal life does not come from comfort. It comes from making everybody else uncomfortable. And that is incredibly comforting… have you noticed? Or are you still trying to keep everyone happy, even though they’ll…

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Are You Consuming The Earth or Creating With The Earth?

We are pushing our reality to a level of obscurity and destruction that is coming close to the place where there may be no other choice. If that occurs, what’s going to happen on planet earth is a whole lot of destruction and collapse that’s not going to be fun to experience. One of the biggest secrets on this planet…

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What Is Beyond Saving The Earth?

If enough of us choose, we can change what is occurring here on planet earth, and eliminate the place where we destroy all the species, we destroy everything that is here, where we use up and consume everything, and where consumption becomes more real than possibility. This next ten tears is the most crucial ten years in the history of…

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