Benevolent Capitalism – Opening Doors to Greater Possibilities for All

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Business

Benevolent capitalism is the place where you look to see how everything can be greater. Possibility is what we as infinite beings have; total possibility. If we function from infinite possibility and look at what is actually possible, we can open the door to greater possibilities… ALWAYS. A point of view never creates. A question always does. Question anything and you can create possibility.
How many points of view are you using to undermine the possibilities of everything you could be choosing?
If you do the problems and the difficulties and the standard operative procedure of this reality and standard capitalistic functioning, you’re only going to see the problems, difficulties and what can’t be done. You will never be able to see what would actually work.
Benevolent capitalism is not about looking for the answer. Benevolent capitalism is about looking for the possibility. A possibility is never an answer or a completion. A possibility is always an open door to greater possibility.

Here are 3 qualities of Benevolent Capitalism that when implemented, create a greater possibility in business:

  1. Be willing to create a future that doesn’t yet exist.

 The only way you are going to have a viable business is if you are looking to create a future that doesn’t yet exist. The future of the world is not based on what you can buy or what you can do. The future of the world is based on the experience you can have that nobody else can have. The future of the world is based on the experiences that will be in existence. The future is going to be an experiential world. It’s going to be where you can have something that you can’t get any place else.
With all the electronics we have going on everywhere, we are losing silence. Part of a project I am working on is called “Project Possibilities.” Project Possibilities includes the creation of a castle. This castle will be a place where people can go to have silence. This will be the primary source of the experience at the castle… the sense of peace, the sense of elegance and the sense of quiet you cannot get. The castle has an amazing life force of its own and it will be a business that contributes to all.

  1. Change the structure of business.

When you are creating a business, you want to create a business that is associated with an experiential point of view. When you are doing experiential, it is never about “this” equals “this.” It is the question of, “What will people desire in the future?” The experiential will become the future as that is the only adventure left for mankind to have.

  1. Look at what you can change; not what you can control.

 Change is the only source of sustainability. You’ve got to look at what needs to be changed every day. The only way you can fail is if you’re unwilling to change. The change you are willing to create is the thing that will expand your business and grow things for you quicker, easier and greater than anything else you can do. Ask, “What can I change today? What can I be or do different?” Change is the primary source for everything that will create everything you desire in life.
Take nature for example. It will flood an area because that is the way to sustain the growth of everything in the area. Mankind will try to avoid the flood because it changes too much.
Nature doesn’t have the point of view that it can’t change everything. It has the point of view that sometimes you need to burn down the forest to find what is actually available to create from.

  1. Recognize that the real economics is the energetics of what can be created that most of us do not perceive or acknowledge.

Benevolent Capitalism is about how what you contribute, contributes to everyone around you. Look at who is contributing to you and then contribute to them and that creates more possibility. Contribution ripples out into the world. When you look to how you can expand your life, it will expand the lives of others too. Benevolent Capitalism is where everybody is contributing what they can contribute to each other so that everything expands for all.
Greater possibilities are available – in life, in business, for the planet. Are you willing to choose those possibilities? Are you willing to create a future that does not yet exist?

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