Being Wealth

Oct 12, 2015 | Money

When you know you have wealth, you don’t have to prove anything to anybody. Creation of wealth is available when you are willing to perceive, know, be and receive all possibilities without judgement of you or others. Awareness creates wealth.

If you are going to perceive, you have to be willing to be. If you are willing to be classy, and you are willing to have wealth and be wealth then you can have more money. Real wealth is knowing you can create and generate anything, it is not about what you have got to prove that you can do it. When you have real wealth you have choice. As a benevolent leader you will choose to never make anyone more than you or less than you. You are grateful for everyone. ‘What energy, space and consciousness can you be that would allow you to be wealth with total ease?’

I have no point of view about wealth. My point of view is ‘What have you done for consciousness today?’ I have people come to me who have millions of dollars and people who have hundreds of dollars. Interestingly, they have the same judgements about money.

Wealth and money are different. Having money creates different possibilities for having wealth. You can play the game of wealth or play the game of poverty. It is all just a choice! You have wealth when you have total ease with money. Where having lots of money or having no money is not a problem. In order to have anything, you have to be willing to be and receive it totally.

Wealth is the accumulation of things that are intrinsically valuable in this reality. Wealth is also the willingness to receive what others do not find valuable in this reality that give you sustenance — that feed your body and feed your soul. What nurtures you nurtures wealth.

Are you willing to be kind to yourself with money? When you’re kind with money, you can broaden your horizons and create beyond the limitations of what you currently have. Wealth is created by asking ‘What’s available financially that I haven’t even considered?’. This reality tells us wealth is built in incremental steps where you suffer and save along the way. Is this true for you?

Being kind to yourself with money would look like: ‘How many ways can I make money that I haven’t yet considered?’ When you do something for the fun of it, that’s kindness to you with money.

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