Mar 18, 2017 | Being Present, Money

Here you are, standing in the rain. It’s warm, wet and your clothes are soaked. Your feet squelch and you dance for joy. There is no sense of separation. You are oneness with one drop of rain and all drops of rain simultaneously. The gift of life radiates through every pore and molecule of your body and being. Now, turn every raindrop into money. It’s falling down around you. Coins ting and thud as they hit the ground. Notes flutter through the air over and over as they gently come to rest. The heavens are open and there is no end; just constant flow. Is there any separation between you and money? Do you notice anything different? Are you willing to BE MONEY?

Receiving is the ability to perceive all the information there is, without a point of view. Most of you can be and receive the rain and get the sense of oneness that’s available without a point of view. How about money? Was that different for you? Do you have a sense of ease with receiving it or do you have points of view about receiving money? If you have points of view about receiving money, are you actually willing to be the money you say you would like to receive? In order to receive money, you have to be willing to BE MONEY. When you BE more, you also receive more. You can ask what am I refusing to receive that I can now choose to be? Your choice to be is what creates money and everything else in your life.

Receiving is not taught very well on this planet. Do you know what receiving is to you? Have you defined what receiving is based on someone else’s point of view? Most people have some definition of receiving but when you define receiving, you limit it.

What if there was something totally different available? Would you choose it? What is actually true for you in regards to receiving? Ask for what you are willing to receive if you would like it to show up. What can you be that you are actually willing to receive?

Three questions to ask to become money:

1.What am I refusing that I can now choose to be?

2.What can I be that I am actually willing to receive?

3.What money can I be to change reality with total ease?

We often stick ourselves with that which we are unwilling to be. For example if you have the point of view that you are a grifter (someone who lies or cons people into giving them money) while trying not to be a grifter, what does that create? What if you were willing to be a grifter? Would that give you more choice or less? Most of you have lots of points of view about what you will not be. Good news is, whatever you are unwilling to be, you will not receive. What have you been refusing to be that if you would be it would create way too much money in your life?

The purpose of money is to change reality. How many of you have been unwilling to be the money that would change reality? Who’s reality can I change today with the money I be right away? The more you are willing to be and receive, the more you be that which changes everything.