Are You Truly Living As YOU

Oct 20, 2015 | Being Present

Are you comfortable with you? Are you seeking the peace of you? Or are you always moving so that you don’t have to be present with you or so that you can live your life based on other people’s points of view?

In the 7-day classes in New Zealand, we did the meditation walk, where you had to take one hour to walk 50 feet. The idea of the meditation walk is for you to be present in the space that you are in, instead of trying to create the way you have created your whole life. You have created your whole life from what other people’s points of view are, what other people need, want or desire from you, what everybody in proximity has as a point of view.

What does the meditation walk require you to do? Be present to such a degree that you feel and perceive and know and receive everything. The space you are during this walk shows you that’s the way you can live your life – with that kind of intensity, that kind of total presence and the space of you.

To live fully on the earth, you’ve got to stay present where you are. The earth is inviting you to be everything you are. Will you receive the invitation?

If you have peace, you cannot be fixed on anything. If you have total presence, you cannot maintain judgment. If you have total awareness, you cannot maintain limitation. The meditation walk creates an intensity in your world. Suddenly the level of presence you are with yourself is way more than what you have been willing to have in the past.

You will start to see the birds and the insects, you will start to see how the wind affects the leaves, you will start to become aware of everything around you. How many of you rush through life? Rushing through life is a reaction. Is that living? Or is that getting to the end of your life? You’ve got to enjoy every minute.

Would you like to do the Meditation Walk? Join people all over the world on November 1. What presence can we be and have with the earth that will allow us to truly live?

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PS – The Earth Class with Gary Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer begins on January 24, 2016! Check it out here.