Are You Getting The Sex You Deserve?

Oct 27, 2015 | Sex

Most people have sex three times a week during the first year of their marriage. By the time they get to five years, they are doing it twice a week at the most. By the time they have been married ten years, they are doing it twice a year. By the time they have been married fifteen years, they are only doing it once a year.

You might be wondering what changes? People get bored with each other, they live in the past and they make their petty arguments more important than generosity of spirit. They forget what their sexual reality truly is. Would YOUR sexual reality really be boring, tiring and an effort to get your clothes off? Or would it be nurturing, playful and adventurous?

If you would like to have more quality copulation in your life, you have to invite it from generosity of spirit, where you desire you and the other person to have the greatest sexual joy you can create together. You can’t offer generosity of spirit from the energies of judgment, conclusion or control. You have to be always in the question about what your sexual reality is and what sexual reality you would like to invite your enjoyable other to explore.

Where do you get your inspiration? Porn teaches the unkindness and the pretence of great sex. This kind of sex excludes the possibility of you being you. The tools of Access Consciousness invite you to the caring, nurturing, gratitude and joy of great copulation. What kind of sex and copulation would you truly love to have?

Here are three questions you can ask to begin receiving the sex you deserve:

  1. What invention are you using to avoid the sex and copulation you could be choosing?
  2. What creation of your sexual reality are you using to limit all the wonderful copulation you could be choosing?
  3. What have you made so vital about never having the sex and copulation you deserve?

And remember, it is your body that copulates. Before you play with someone, ask your body… ‘Would this body be fun for you to copulate with?’ And then ask: “What energy, space, and consciousness can my body and I be that would allow us to pleasure ourselves sexually for all eternity?” You might be surprised about who your body would love to play with!

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