Are You Eliminating Your Cash Flows?

Oct 8, 2015 | Money

Do you judge people in business? Do you have points of view about who you will and won’t do business with? Commerce is about how you create the interaction which increases the willingness of people to buy you and your product. One of the quickest ways to create a sense of warmth with people is to have no judgement. The less judgement you have, the more possibility you create.

Every time you do judgement you expel people from your life, which limits your cash flow.

Most people don’t have a money problem. They have a receiving problem. They are unwilling to receive all energies, the good, the bad and the ugly! If you have true receiving, you have no judgement of anything and are willing to receive everything that is. You will acknowledge how someone is, without making them wrong.

When you are not willing to receive someone, you stop energy coming to you and you cut yourself off from the energy of the universe. This is how your cash flows dry up. Judging others is a refusal to receive who they are. If you refuse to perceive an energy because you have made it wrong, you won’t see it when others are being it. This blocks your awareness and distorts your perceptions and limits your cash flow.

Your defense of what is right and wrong eliminates your cash flows.

You don’t have to make any behaviour right or wrong, you can just acknowledge it is what it is, and have warmth with everyone. Who or what are you unwilling to receive that is stopping your cash flow?

What if you are the only one stopping you? What if you are the only one who can stop (or start) your cash flow? What or who could you stop judging today that would allow way more money to flow to you with total ease?

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