Are You Consuming The Earth or Creating With The Earth?

Jan 6, 2016 | Environment

We are pushing our reality to a level of obscurity and destruction that is coming close to the place where there may be no other choice. If that occurs, what’s going to happen on planet earth is a whole lot of destruction and collapse that’s not going to be fun to experience.

One of the biggest secrets on this planet is that we were brought here to create consumerism. If you consume the planet, eventually the planet must implode in one way or another. We are so close to the edge of extinction of many species in the ocean. If we create an ecology that eliminates all live fish in the ocean, what does that do? If the ocean became a stagnant pond with no life force other than plants in it, what would that create?

Do you need to eat the food you eat? Do you need to consume the things you consume? Is there an energy you get from consumption? Or is it an energy you dissipate from consumption?

Look at the amount of energy you put into shopping. This is not about coming to conclusions, but about you being aware of what is, what will be by the choices you make, and questions you can ask that will create a different reality. You, as an individual, do you need to own and possess things? We have bought into this reality as though it is our reality.

Do you want to be the extinction of mankind or do you want to survive, thrive, and go beyond everything you have ever known?

Would you be willing to look at what can show up, what might show up, and what will show up unless we are willing to change? Would you be willing to have that much awareness?

Your willingness to create with the earth may be the thing that saves it. Are you an unimportant person? Are you insignificant or are you not willing to be as potent as you really are? Are any of you sleep walking through your lives, while pretending that you are awake? It’s time to wake up.

You are far more powerful than you have been willing to see. If you have changed one person in the entire world, you have changed the world. Each person you change changes the rest of the world. You have to acknowledge it in order for there to be more of it.

If you are more aware, you should take control. It’s not a wrongness; it’s a necessity. You’re the only chance the earth has of survival. Without those of us who are willing to take control, this place isn’t going to make it.

  • What can you change with the earth today?
  • What energy can you contribute to the earth today?
  • Where can you take control that will make a difference to the planet?

These are the questions you need to start asking. If you are willing to be totally conscious, then there are no secrets. The reason there are secrets of the world and universe is because you won’t choose total consciousness.

Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing. What gratitude can you have for the earth today that will change the judgement that exists? You cannot create change by judging the wrongness of consumption. You create change by asking what you can be, do, generate and create that is different.

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