Are you a healer in hiding?

Feb 15, 2015 | Body | 0 comments

Are you a healer in hiding? Are you pretending to be an ordinary person?

When a child has a stomachache, have you ever rubbed their tummy and seen them relax under your touch? Have you ever put your hand on someone’s back and sensed the tension drain out of their body almost instantaneously? Have you ever held someone or spooned them, and perceived how the nurturing energy of your presence seemed to ease something in their world? These may seem like simple examples. But what if you were to acknowledge the places in your life where you are already being a healer?

What if you had a greater healing capacity with your body than you ever imagined possible? Have you ever allowed yourself to be aware of what your body is capable of? What if you were willing to know that?

If you have not done any “energy work” or “healing” in the past, you may wonder whether you have the capacity to do any of this. Everyone has the capacity to heal themselves and others, without the need for advanced degrees or training. All it requires is a willingness to be present, to touch bodies, and to receive the feedback from the body you are working on. What if you could allow it to be that simple?

If you have ever done any kind of energy work before, you may have had times when you have doubted your capacity. Is anything really happening? Do I feel anything at all? Am I imagining this? Will the person receive any change or get any results? Am I a fraud?

It may surprise you to know that when I first began running The Bars on people, I hardly felt anything at all. I would put my hands on someone’s body and ask the energy to run, but I wasn’t sure if anything was happening. So I’d ask the person I was working on: “How does this feel to you? What are you sensing?” To my surprise, they would say that they felt like I was pulling energy so hard, they felt as though I would pull them right out of their body. So even when I thought nothing was happening, people were getting some amazing results. They would get up off the table with a sense that their body – and their life – was different.

You may have had people work on you and disempower you by telling you about all kinds of things they perceived, which may have had nothing to do with you. A question empowers. An answer disempowers. If someone is not asking a question, and they are delivering their point of view at you or about you, be aware. Would an infinite being buy someone else’s limited point of view? If not, why would you?

The Access Consciousness® body processes are about creating a different possibility with your body – a different awareness of embodiment. Your body is designed to give you an awareness of the world around you. What if you allowed it to contribute to you in that way?

You don’t want to be vested in the outcome. If you approach each session with no conclusions, with curiosity, and with the question of what change you can facilitate, you may find that a different possibility can show up with every person you work with.

What if you – being you – could open a door to a space of infinite possibilities with bodies? What choice is now available to you, that could create a different physiological reality for you and everyone you touch?