Are you creating for now? Or now and the future?

Access Consciousness is available in more than 170 countries and has contributed to changing the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world for the past 30 years.

Access Consciousness offers tools and techniques for accessing the consciousness that is available all around us, in everything that exists, that we ourselves truly are, and that we have learned to cut off our awareness of.

The target of Access Consciousness is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing®. Every class, event, tele-call and book is designed to open you up to receive the awareness of everything, with no judgment of anything.

If you have no judgment of anything, then you get to look at everything for what it is, not for what you want it to be, not for what it ought to be, but just for what it is. Would that gift you the freedom you have been searching for?

Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else. It is the ability to receive everything, reject nothing, and create everything you desire in life – greater than what you currently have, and more than what you can imagine.

The Access Consciousness® tools are pragmatic and any technique or process that doesn’t work for 80% of the people in class, is taken out of the core class manuals. This keeps the material current and up to date with the ever-changing energy of all participants that attend.

The Access Consciousness classes cover all aspects of living including wealth and money, relationships and sex, health, bodies and weight-loss, living with ease, addiction, labels and disabilities, business, leadership, communicating with animals and much more.

What if you could perceive, know, be and receive everything required to create the life you have always known should be possible?

Visit www.AccessConsciousness.com for more information and to find a class near you.