A World of Choice, A World of Freedom

Jan 9, 2019 | Choice, Freedom, Possibilities | 0 comments

Your life doesn’t have to be about limitation. It doesn’t have to be about creating the same old thing. Your choice can change anything. How many of you actually know your choice can change anything or is it a nice idea but it doesn’t work for me…?

If your reality is not what you want it to be, there’s something you are choosing or have chosen that you’re not willing to let go of. You’ve got to be willing to look at whatever choice you’ve made that is creating what’s going on. Ask: 

“What choices did I make that are creating or created this?” 

If you have conclusions in place of what your choices will create, nothing that doesn’t match what you have already decided can come into your awareness. This is how people continue to create limitation in their lives rather than possibility. A question you can ask is:

“What energy, space, and consciousness can I be that would change this in totality with total ease?”

When you have the freedom of possibility and you look for what else is possible, you are seeking that which is the creation of a different reality. A different reality is created when you are asking for infinite possibilities. Infinite possibilities have no beginning, middle or end; they are a constantly evolving, growing and being created with every choice you make. True freedom comes from question, choice, possibility and contribution and when you are being that you are unstoppable.

“The ability to choose the possibilities that exist in the world is the gift you came into this life with.”

Most of you are aware of energies, and by the choices you make, your awareness grows. Every time you choose for awareness, your awareness grows. So don’t make your choices based on what you have learned; make your choices based on what you are aware of. What am I aware of and what do I know that no one else knows?

The ability to be aware of the future is a gift you have, but you think it is a curse because you don’t know how to institute it to make it happen the way you think it’s supposed to happen. You have to ask:

  • What can I be or do to create this more rapidly? 
  • What can I be or do different to bring this to fruition right away? 
  • What can I be or do to create a possibility that I have never considered?

Choice creates. It creates you. It creates what you are. It creates what you can do and what you can choose. 

Each individual comes in with the innate ability to choose and nothing else. Every choice you make creates the way everything else shows up around you. You have to be willing to be that which chooses something nobody else can choose.

You come into this life with an innate capacity to choose; therefore, you have freedom. But you give away your freedom in the need to live in other people’s realities, or the need to believe that other people have a reality that’s greater than yours, or the need to believe that your needs equal a place that you have to choose from. You believe you have to choose from your needs rather than to your desires and your possibilities. 

You need to choose in order to see what’s possible.

  • If you could choose anything, what would you choose? 
  • Would you choose to be right? 
  • Would you choose to be wrong? 
  • Or would you choose to have total choice and infinite possibilities? 

Do what makes you happy and then everything in life tends to be that which creates happiness and joy and possibility. Create what you’ve already created and ask for more.

Would you like to learn more about choice? Check out Gary Douglas’s new book: A World of Choice, A World of Freedom as well as the audio clip below!