3 Ways To BE Brilliant With Money

Oct 26, 2015 | Money

Being brilliant with money occurs when you use your awareness to create money beyond what most people consider possible. “What can you add to your life that will allow you to create way more money than you’ve ever imagined possible?” is a question that can change your financial reality.

If you ask that question every day, you may be surprised at the ways in which money can come to you. Work is only one way to generate money, there are many others. How many conclusions and limitations do you have in place to stop money flowing towards you with ease?

Here are three ways financially brilliant people function:

1. Educate Yourself About Money

When you know how the money systems on the planet work, you can use your awareness to take advantage of situations where others do not see a different possibility. Being willing to know about money is being willing to embrace the greatness of you. What if you have far more capacity with money than you have ever acknowledged? If you begin to acknowledge what you do know, you will become aware of where you can invite more money to flow into your bank accounts.

2. Know What Your Reality With Money Is

Choosing to have your reality with money allows you to develop a potency with money. What is your reality with money? Is it being poor, poverty-stricken and powerless? Or is it being willing to create wealth by asking where and what you can be and do different with money?

Will you do anything for money? Or is the list of what you won’t do for money longer than your list of excuses for why you don’t have the money you desire? When you are willing to do anything to create money, you move out of judgement of money. When you stop judging money, it will be way more willing to show up for you!

3. Don’t Make Money Significant

When you focus on money, you make it significant and you limit what can show up because it becomes a linear construct. When you place your awareness on what will create your life as phenomenal beyond what you can imagine, money shows up to support your requests.

I found a stallion that I thought was too much money at $10,000. By the time I decided I had to have him, he was $20,000. It cost me another $36,000 to import him into the USA. Most people would judge that as crazy. Since I purchased him, I’ve made more money than ever before. He is a contribution to everything I’m creating and he expanded my willingness to pay for what I desired. As I expanded that a different level of receiving became possible.

The creation of money is not nearly as linear and logical as we would like to think. Be willing to pay for what you desire and ask if it will contribute to you making more money. What if making money could be far easier than you have decided it is?

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