The dynamic tools and techniques offered by Access Consciousness are delivered through seminars, teleseries, books, audios and consultations.

Many of the classes and telecalls previously offered by Gary Douglas can be purchased on CD or via digital download. Are you ready to create the life you desire?


Cover Art for Out of the Box replay

Out of the Box with Gary M. Douglas – February 2017 – San Diego, California

If you had the tools to create the change that you didn’t even know you could ask for.. what would be possible for you and the world that you haven’t considered yet?

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Cover art for Obesity Clinic

Obesity Clinic Calls 7-12 (Nov. 2016-Jan. 2017) with Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer

Part 2: The truth of obesity is that it’s really about a judgment. It’s not about reality.

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Cover Art for Obesity Clinic Calls, Part 2

Obesity Clinic Calls 1-6 (Aug-Oct, 2016) with Gary M. Douglas & Dr. Dain Heer

Part 1: The truth of obesity is that it’s really about a judgment. It’s not about reality.

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Cover Art for Chaos: The Creative Source of All Possibilities 1 and 2

Chaos: The Creative Source of All Possibilities, Part 1 & 2

What would happen if you actually acknowledged that you create through and with chaos? What possibilities would you have available then?
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Cover Art for Chaos: The Creative Source of All Possibilities, Part 1

Chaos: The Creative Source of All Possibilities, Part 1

What chaos are you capable of that would create more? Are you creating it or are you living by what you think the order it will create in your life?
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Cover Art for Joy of Taxes

The Joy of Taxes Teleseries

What does the word “taxes” bring up for you? Joy, resistance, or avoidance? What if paying taxes could be a contribution to your life and living? What would paying taxes joyfully create for you and your business?

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Cover Art for Come Off Wait Into Create

Come Off Wait Into Create Telecall Series

Have you been waiting for the right moment, situation, person, amount of money or anything else to show up, before you start to create?

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cover art for Global Access Bars 2016 Houston

Global Access ​Bars Class

What if there were an easy ​way to let go of all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that keep you stuck in your head? Would you like to totally decompress, without any effort? Are you ​ready for a brain re-set?
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Cover Art for New Foundation Class

The New Foundation

There’s a brand new conversation in Access Consciousness going right now and it’s all about Chaos & Order.

It’s one of the biggest game-changers to come along in 25 years … and it’s changing everything.

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Cover Art for The Art of Consumption Teleseries

The Art of Consumption Series

These calls are about adding the gift of elegance to your life and living.

It is for those that wish to HAVE more in their life and are not satisfied with utilitarian, survival living, but instead prefer to nurture and honor themselves with the gifts of the fine life and living.

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Phenomenance of Money

Phenomenance of Money
Telecall Series

The Phenomenance of Money will be clearing everything that doesn’t allow you to become phenomenal with money: in the way in which you create it, in the way in which you use it, and the way in which it becomes a part of creating a different reality.
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Playing with Sex & Love

Playing with Sex & Love
as a Battleground for a Meaningful Life

Most people make sex the deciding factor as to whether something is getting better or worse rather than realizing it’s just one of the play tools of life that everybody could be enjoying. Sex should be something where you have the joy of working with your body and working with somebody else’s body.

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Need and Tug Teleseries

Need and Tug Telecall Series

This class is based on the book, The Place, and how the character Jake manages to ask of the earth in order to find gold. He asks based on a point of view of need, and shows us how you can pull from need instead of how you make a problem from need.

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Access: The Bars® DVD (NTSC format) + Laminated Chart

In this DVD presentation, Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer demonstrate how to run the hands-on process call Access: The Bars®. Included in this is a Laminated Bars® Chart, a great visual aid and reminder of the location, name and energy color of each of the Bars®. NOW with color photos.
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Access: The Bars (PAL)

Access: The Bars® DVD (PAL format) Subtitled + Head Charts!

In this DVD presentation, Access Consciousness® founder Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer demonstrate how to run someone’s Bars®.  Access Bars® is a dynamic hands on the head process that assists you in unlocking the places in your life where you are unwilling to receive. At the point when you begin changing your ability to receive, you can find a greater sense of ease and the ability to change things in your life that you previously were

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Access 10 Commandments

Access 10 Commandments – 10 Keys To Your Freedom (MP3)

The Access Consciousness 10 Commandments. 10 Keys To Your Freedom!

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Divorceless Relationship

How much of a relationship is spent trying to accomodate another’s needs while losing yourself in the process? How many of us judge a relationship by what has been given up or what has been received?

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Right Riches For You –
Teleseries Box Set

Right Riches For You! Recording of live 6x telecall series with Access founder, Gary Douglas. What if money could work for you instead of you working for money? Have you decided that money is more valuable than you?

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Access Foundation &
Level 1 Livestream Replay

What would it be like to go beyond just fixing your life? What would it be like to actually have the ability to create your REALITY as you would like it to be? I’m not talking about fantasy land. I’m talking about seeing the world as it is and gaining the tools and awareness to create ANYTHING and never have anything limit you again.
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What If – Telecall Series

A free-form exploration with the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary M. Douglas, and Dr. Dain Heer. Are you ready for an unreal, fantastic you? Are you ready to create an unbelievable, phenomenal world? Then you may want to consider purchasing this series. One thing is for sure, it will be nothing like anything you’ve ever experienced before.

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Happiness is Just a Choice Online Replay

Happiness Is Just A Choice –
Online Replay

Do you wake up happy every day? Or do you wake up with a truckload of depression, judgment, worry and anxiety weighing you down and keeping you stuck and unhappy? ʺIf you could see how amazing you are as a being, as a person, and as a contribution in life, then you would have no excuse for being unhappy.ʺ – Gary Douglas

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The Distractor Implants - Turkish

Kafa Karistiran

Gary Douglas ve Dr. Dain Heer ile yeni bir tele-kurs. Simdi, gercekten arzu ettigin gelecegi yaratmaktan dikkatini dagitmaya dur demenin zamani mi?

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