Imagine . . .

What would it be like if the world were a more conscious place? Would the devastation, wars, and difficulties that are going on continue to exist? In the face of consciousness, these things cannot exist.

The target of Access is to get us to the point where we are conscious enough to create change in ourselves so that we can increase the possibility of changing the trauma, drama and insanities that are present in life.

What would it be like if you embodied so much consciousness in everything that you did, that others chose to become more conscious as a result?

Consciousness is the opportunity to eliminate all the created walls of separation. What will it take for this to become a reality here?

All it takes is for you to choose.

– Gary Douglas

The Night Time Radio Show with Lisa Garr

Coast to CoastListen to Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness®, on Coast to Coast radio with Lisa Garr on the 25th July at 10pm PST talking about consciousness, X-Men, and demystifying entities!

Listen to the 2 hour show here.

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